Pearce Tool and Manufacturing



We make nearly all the spouting brackets on the NZ market. Our large customer base supplies at least 50% of the NZ market with spouting products. Our products range from internal gutter brackets for all common sizes to external brackets, which we galvanize and powder coat on request. In addition to all iron-based products, we also use other metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass.


We make clips and brackets for the architectural roofing industry, to mount longrun roofing sheets without the use of screws.

Gutter Bracket

Our Gutter bracket is specially designed for heavy rainfall that leads to requiring only fewer downpipes. Also, with its modern touch in design and quality, it makes your home or building look modern and contemporary. This box gutter includes internal and external brackets that obscure the ends of roof iron and is also suitable for use with Metalline Fascia. 

Box gutter: (125/ 175/ 300) mm

Round Gutter: (1/2 Round Gutter, ¼ Round Gutter) 


We specialize in the creation of metal press progression tools. In the past, we have also created precision tooling for the dental industry, which required a lot of prototyping and know-how. Our motto is that nothing is impossible as long as the client believes in their product.


We manufacture a large number of metal and wooden facia brackets for various customers in New Zealand. Our toolroom is capable of creating tools that fit most systems.

As attaching facia systems to a building is quite an art, we have developed some tools that pre-manufacture corners to make the life of spouting installers much easier.