Pearce Tool and Manufacturing


Tool Making

PTM has a long history of more than 35 years of tool making and hundreds of successfully created tools. These tools have most likely created everyday objects which you might have seen or used, or are attached to the house you are living in.
Our team of dedicated engineers loves to solve your tooling issues for you and go the extra mile for a product they can be proud of. Our designers use the latest computer based design software to convert your thoughts and ideas into electronic designs as an interface for the toolmakers to develop and build your custom made tooling solution.
Our experience blows life into your great ideas, our passion makes your product successful and our ambition is what achieves it within your timeframe and budget.
Our toolroom is fully equipped with CNC 3D mill, CNC wirecutter, various other mills. and a highly efficient, experienced and dedicated team, who would like to help you on your next project.

Warehouse Solution

For some of our customers, stock management is a horror they don’t like to deal with. We are able to look after your stock and send it out to you or directly to your customers at the time of demand, which saves you warehouse space, headaches, time and therefore money.

3 axis CNC mill

110t Press

180t Press

100t Press

60 - 80t Press

30t & Smaller Press